Environments life-cycle management as a service

Founding Year



Azure labs: Web-based management system for virtual environments orchestration, also called Environments-as-a-service (EaaS). Azure Labs enables enterprise teams to unify virtual machines cloud deployments at a rapid scale, securely and with a controlled budget.

Templater (POC): Template builder enables enterprise teams to orchestrate environments and their network relationships as templates quickly, those templates deployed directly into Azure labs as reusable blueprints and can be used by its users to expand them into cloud resources on demand.

Processes applied

Azure labs: All 12 processes, from Requirements to Release.

Templater: Release, Architecture, Wireframe, Design, Code (POC).

Case study

Azure labs: We worked closely with NeWay's management and technical teams since the early stages of the product to help them get to MVP.

Our contributions included: 

  • Introduced Agile methodologies and implemented Scrum.
  • Worked with the backend team to produce a system design documents(SSDs).
  • Coded the frontend app from POC to a functional app.
  • Implemented CI/CD pipelines that deploy to multiple environments.
  • Implemented various open-source solutions with the backend team.

Templater: We were hired to build a complementary system for Azure labs which automates the templates creation process, we worked closely with the IT and Backend teams to understand their requirements and figure the main pain points when dealing with template creation, we iterated until we managed to deliver a design and a proof of concept based on the inputs we collected from the teams.


Azure labs: Ongoing, 2 years (2017-2019)

Templater: 3 months (2019)


Military technical trainings, cyber-security companies, universities and research centers.

Team members
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